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   "Simply Digital Photo Series"

   Session One:  Four workshops, Four Sundays  5/4 - 5/25  1:30 - 4:00

   Session Two:  Four workshops,  Four Sundays  7/13 - 8/3  1:30 - 4:00


   Workshop 1: Camera Settings

   Workshop 2: Lighting

   Workshop 3: Composition

   Workshop 4: Portraits

Take entire series ($120) or individual workshops ($35), $5 Supply fee

*Register on the Chico Area Recreation District Site or at the District Office



Learn to Take Great Photos that Will Help You Sell Online

More than anything else, it’s the right photo that sells the item on Ebay, Craigslist and other online sites.  Learn the tricks big-time sellers use.  No need for special equipment or new software programs.  You already have in your home what you’ll need to take great photos that will make your items stand out from the others in your sales category.  You just have to learn how to incorporate useful household items into your photo sessions.  Turn those unwanted goods into cash by getting them online.  Everyone’s doing it, and it’s easier than you think.  Get started today!

Day        Date        Time          Age       Fee    
Sat.        7/12        1:00-4:00 PM      13+       $35/$5 supply fee

Point and Shoot Your Way to Taking
Better Photographs with any Camera

Photography can--and should be--fun.  This class will simplify the skills and techniques necessary to take great photos of your family, friends, pets and much more. Digital cameras might have lots of bells and whistles, but you don’t need to use most of them to take really good photos. In this class you will learn clever ways to use your camera’s presets and shooting modes. You will learn how to shoot distant subjects and close-ups in low light and on sunny days. You will learn when and when not to use flash and how to keep flash from being harsh and unflattering. You will learn how to photograph groups and individuals indoors and outside. Bring your questions, camera and manual (if possible).  No experience necessary, 13+.  

Day                 Date                Time                   Age       Fee   
Sat.                  8/9 & 8/16      1:00-4:00 PM      13+      $45/$5 supply fee

Learn to Shoot Like a Pro

Digital photography gives us the ability to instantly freeze time.  We will cut through the technical jargon and use the simple sure-fire photographic techniques that are easy to learn and apply to give your photos dynamic impact. Ditch center weighted photos with the

“rule of thirds”, break the habit of always taking photos at the same height. Learn how to really “see” the light and control it.  Effectively use back, side and diffused lighting techniques, along with fill-in flash and reflectors.  You will learn to efficiently use your camera’s settings and shooting modes for proper exposure, sharpness, whitebalance and more.  Learn how to judge which of your photos can be turned into images that really have the “wow”factor.  This exciting class will help you work smarter and faster so you can capture those images that will stick ineveryone’s memory. Bring yourquestions, camera and manual (if possible).

Day                 Date                Time                 Age       Fee   
Sat.                  9/27 & 10/4    1:00-4:00 PM     13+      $45/$5 supply fee

Holiday Photo Workshop

Learn how to take memorable Holiday photographs of your family and friends for charming Christmas cards and invitations.  From posing and lighting to backgrounds and camera angles, you’ll have fun learning the skills used by professional photographers. Why spend money on commercial cards and invitations when you can give memorable personalized greetings.  

Day                 Date                Time                  Age       Fee   
Sun.                 11/9                 1:00-4:00 PM     13+         $35/$5 supply fee


*Register on the Feather River Park and Recreation website